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10 Days? Yeah, right!! Full disclosure - these 10 days happened over the course of 3 years, but who wants to read a book called "How to Start a Maternity Home in 3 Years"?!?

Get this amazing book for only $5.90 and learn how I fought back against my fears, overcame obstacles and started a thriving maternity home which has now housed over 100 mothers and their children. 

Seriously, though, these 10 days were pivotal to accomplishing the monumental challenge the Lord set before me. 

In the process, I developed a world-class team, learned a tremendous amount about the impact of trauma, poverty, and addiction. And I learned how to dig in to do the hard things. We persevered when the going got very rough. 

I did it and I am so proud to lead a thriving ministry every day. 


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Suzanne Burns, MS, CFTP founded and leads a thriving maternity home in Tennessee.  This home serves up to 15 women in the home, plus its non-residential program, which serves an additional 25 women. In 2018, Suzanne and her team launched a job training program, where clients are employed while they gain hands-on, practical job skills. 

Suzanne now trains compassionate, overwhelmed kingdom  leaders to start maternity homes in their own communities. Suzanne has trained hundreds of teams to implement practical tools to transform the lives of mothers in crisis.  

Through online courses, books, workbooks, and one-on-one coaching, Suzanne and her team can help you overcome set-backs and obstacles to start STRONG.

Suzanne has spoken at Heartbeat International's annual conference in 2018, 2019 AND 2020. She serves on the Leadership Council of the National Maternity Housing Coalition and is scheduled to speak at the 2020 National Christian Housing Conference, as well. 
  What People Are Saying:
"...This Ministry Works For Me!"
I've often heard it said, as ministry leaders we feel as if we're alone in the battle. That's exactly how I was feeling when I reached out to Suzanne, alone & weary. After a few moments on the phone with her I knew I was no longer alone. Suzanne, and her wisdom from the Lord, began to minister to my soul and mind right away. After speaking with her I felt more confident in doing what the Lord had already been telling me to do. She encouraged me, and if I'm honest, pushed me, to follow the Lord's leading in a stronger way. I am thankful for the push I received from her ... it was exactly what I needed. Thank you, Suzanne, for your loving push to follow the real leader, your Godly wisdom and most of all your love. 
Kandee- Ohio
"...I'm So Glad I Talked With Her!"
Through my call with Suzanne, I gained such clarity on ideas to develop my ministry. She gave me some great insights that I had not considered. I am so glad I talked with her! I feel much more confident in my direction after talking with her.
BilliJo - Mexico
"...She's A Life Saver! I'm So Thankful!"
I highly recommend Suzanne. She helped me to gain clarity through her valuable insights while we were developing our new maternity home. I feel that I have more confidence with planning and I’m headed in the right direction after talking with her. She not only helps you see the big picture but also the important groundwork you need to succeed in this ministry. 
Mary- Ohio
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